Win a Pass to the Present to Succeed Conference!

Listen to episode 122 of The Presentation Podcast for details on our give away of 5 passes to the Present to Succeed Conference! Present to Succeed is a virtual conference, April 14-16, 2021 with a line up of fantastic presenters. You have until Friday, March 12 to enter (and you can enter as often as you’d like!). Winners announced March 16 on episode 123.


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Massive Glitch Resolved (now the next step)

Welcome back!! (sort of)

As you can see, The PowerPoint Blog has experienced a major glitch and went offline for awhile. The good news is, we have regained access to the blog. The better news is, we discovered the issue (malicious code injected into the WordPress database). The ironic news is, as we have ramped up our virtual meeting platform and are setting up new websites literally daily, we have not had time to look at our own websites and social media! Now that we have access, and a backup, of The PowerPoint Blog, I am reviewing new WordPress blog themes and will be updating the entire site and its catalog of posts to something new, modern, and stable. Then it is time to get into the backlog of PowerPoint and presentation posts that I have been accumulating!

Troy @ TLC

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New Episode! The Presentation Podcast

A new episode of The Presentation Podcast is available today! Troy, Nolan, and Sandy do a deep dive into PowerPoint’s Backstage talking about what features, options and functionality is there, as well as tips, tricks and discovering new things there they did not know about! 

Listen on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, Spotify and Soundcloud – or search The Presentation Podcast for “The PowerPoint Backstage Experience” or go directly to the episode page here:


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Virtual Conference Review

TLC Creative Services has had another successful online conference! This event we provided the presenter Virtual Broadcast Studio to capture and live stream 43 sessions. Our design team assured presenters and their presentations where displayed on a conference branded backplate. Each session had live content switching, session countdown timers, custom presenter intro stinger videos, and more (all produced by the TLC Creative team).

It was a great conference, but it was really worth it when we receive emails like this fantastic note from a very experienced presenter who has not slowed down on the virtual event world – thanks Mike!

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The Presentation Podcast, episode 109 now available!

A new episode of The Presentation Podcast is available today! The Presentation Summit was a virtual event this year, and a success. Troy, Nolan and Sandy have an opportunity to talk with the Presentation Summit Director, Rick Altman and the Presentation Summit Director of Events, Sheila McGurin the month after the conference. We talk about remote presenting, some of the Presentation Summit statistics, recapping some of our experiences at this year’s virtual conference, and hearing the plans for next years conference.

Listen on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, Spotify and Soundcloud – or search The Presentation Podcast for “The Presentation Summit” or go directly to the episode page here:

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Happy 25th Anniversary, Windows 95!

Last week (August 24), Windows celebrated the 25th anniversary of its Windows 95 operating system. To celebrate, they released this great video highlighting the evolution of the Windows operating system from 95 to now – how many of the icon styles do you recognize and remember?

Read more about the anniversary here.

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3D Model in PowerPoint – IBM Logo

TLC Creative is always pushing the limits of PowerPoint. A few years ago, 3D model support was introduced to PowerPoint. TLC Creative leveraged the new file format immediately for a few large corporate events where the end clients had 3D modelling assets available (making those models compatible with Office’s more limited 3D support is another topic).

Always looking to grow our design team’s skills, we are highlighting a little side project Jake on the TLC Creative design team created. This is a Microsoft Office-optimized 3D model of the IBM logo, built from a (non-3D) vector file of the logo, created in Blender.

The fun is twisting, rotating and seeing every angle when a true 3D model is added to a slide! This is a video export from PowerPoint animating the inserted 3D model using morph across a series of slides:

Download the IBM logo slide here.

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