Slide Background Color

Changing a presentation’s background color is made simpler with this quick shortcut. When changing slide background color, you’ll want to make sure you change it on the master layout, that way your changes will be applied to all slides, new and old. Normally, you could achieve this by going to View>Slide Master and that would open the targeted master layout.

Slide Background Color 1

However, if you change the background on this slide, it will not apply to the template. Instead, you need update the background color on the Master slide at the top.

Slide Background Color 2

A quick and easy shortcut to achieve this is to simply hold SHIFT + DOUBLE-CLICK on the NORMAL VIEW icon in the lower right bar.

Slide Background Color 3

This is will automatically open the master to the top slide where you can quickly update all slide backgrounds.

Resource/Misc Tutorial

Download Streaming Videos using allows you to download streaming videos from of a variety of websites, including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and more. The process is quick, easy and very convenient.

A video version of this process is below.


To get started, you must first make sure that Java is enabled. According to, Java is sometimes required to fetch download links. 1


Find the video that you want to download, copy the link – URL (Uniform Resource Locator) to your video and paste it in the field to the left of the Download button.





A list of links to your video file will appear on the bottom of the page in various sizes and formats.

Formats to select from include Video formats: MP4, FLV, 3GP, WebM and Audio Formats: M4A, MP3.


Click on the actual link for your specific format and size to simply save the video file.



You now have the video (in the format of your choice) downloaded onto your computer!



– Troy @ TLC

Video Demonstration.

(Note: This an updated post. Original post 05/07/2014)

I’m sure you’re aware of the legalities over Copyright Infringement. Download videos that are not yours at your own risk.



2 Second Rule for Auto Transition after Video

Using auto advance for transition is easy, but calculating when a video will end in order to add in the correct auto advance timing is tedious.


However, it turns out that we do not need to actually figure out how long a video is because PowerPoint cannot use the auto transition feature to override a video that is playing and advance, even if we want to (the solution is to trim the video to the shorter duration or manually advance the slide).

TLC’s best practice is the 2 second auto advance

Slide has video, presenter wants presentation to automatically go to next slide when video is done – easy.

On video slide, set to auto advance after 2 seconds. This assumes the video is the only animation and it is going to start playing automatically.


PowerPoint will go to the video slide, then the video will start playing and trigger to auto advance to next slide after 2 seconds, but it cannot do so until the video is done playing, so it waits for the video to finish. When the video play animation is done, the slide automatically advances to the next slide! We use this feature to help us easily setup what could be a complex request.

See the video example below:

– Amber @ TLC


PowerPoint Tutorial

Recolor Content with Powerpoint Tools

In PowerPoint, you can place content on top of a video background to create a dynamic and dimensional design.

Find a great example we created here:

Here’s how to create a similar effect to your video


Insert  (1) Video onto your Canvas , click (2) Video and select your Video.




To recolor your video, click on (1) Format Tab, select (2) Color tool in the drop down, you get Recolor options.You can add custom colors by Selecting the (3) More Variations or using the (4) Eyedropper tool.

1_ Recolor Content Over Video



Once you are satisfied with the styling of the video, select your (1) video on the Canvas, select (2) Playback, set the video to (3) Start Automatically and Loop until Stopped.



Next, add stylized text and graphics directly on top of the video and animate as desired. The end result is a slide with content that animates directly on top of the video background.




-Michelle @ TLC

Portfolio PowerPoint

It’s Leap Year 2016

Finally, Leap Year explained (thanks to Sara and some more great Morph animation use!).
Happy Leap Year, February 29th!

-Sara @ TLC

Portfolio PowerPoint

Powerpoint 2016 New Morph Demo

We let the TLC Creative Presentation Design Team loose to experiment with PowerPoint 2016’s new Morph transition/animation – the results are fun, great and inspirational!

Here is our design team’s Morph ideas compiled and output as a video.

– The Design Team @ TLC


UltraWide Projections

Corporate meetings have continued to expand the use of super wide screens and projections.

TLC Creative Services has worked on several design templates for events throughout the year where the standard 16×9 PowerPoint leads the design. Once the design is approved, we move into creating the UltraWide template using PowerPoint. The layout of Ultrawide projections can be 40ft high to 250ft wide!

These events are a group effort; we work closely with the AV production team to know the technical specs before developing the UltraWide template. For this particular show, we had two widths built in, the active pixel (visible to audience) and full pixel width (for the slide/computer sizing). We also had IMAG (Image Magnification) or live camera of the presenter. PowerPoint doesn’t control IMAG, but it is important to plan the design to visually fit.

Ultrawide projections 1

Here’s a video to show an example.

-Troy @ TLC


Motion GFX for a Custom Podium

As a design project for an awards show, TLC Creative was asked to develop a video loop to play on a custom podium that has a 16×9 monitor in portrait – very cool! We story-boarded the visual concept and motion effects (using PowerPoint as the storyboard canvas), then after client approval we moved into Photoshop, Illustrator and video editing (Premiere and After Effects), using elements from two provided event collateral pieces and a lot of creativity. The final piece was designed to coordinate with the event theme, have subtle motion that would not be distracting, work with the staging and seamlessly loop for the duration of the event. The full loop was several minutes, here is a 30 second clip of the animation.

– Troy @ TLC

Portfolio PowerPoint

Christmas (PowerPoint) Greetings From Everyone at TLC!

Give 9 presentations at TLC the task of creating personalized holiday themed animations and you end up with 4 minutes of animated holiday cheer!

– Troy @ TLC

Portfolio PowerPoint Resource/Misc

Olaf PowerPoint Slide

Special recognition to TLC designer Jennifer for this wonderful 3D illustration all developed in PowerPoint 2013!


The video shows the development of Olaf in flip-book style animation. The first part of the video is a fast animation, followed by a slower version that shows each design step. Enjoy!

In addition to the obvious PowerPoint 3D and shadow options, most of the development relied on PowerPoint’s Merge Shapes tools.


– Troy @ TLC