Looking for a great royalty free photos for your presentation? I do, practically on a daily basis. I do have a large library of royalty free images and subscriptions to several online services. But I still cannot find the perfect image for some projects. This just happened and in searching I found a super new resource that only has a great selection and quality, but is an incredible value!

Check out iStockPhoto. Images cost 1-3 credits, with a credit basically equal to $1.00 each.

Troy @ TLC

Here is the design proof of the ad that used three iStock Photo images in its collage:


The Begining Starts Here

Happy New Year! So with the new year comes new resolutions. I figure I have thought about adding an informative and engaging blog for quite a while, so now must be the perfect time to start!

Why a PowerPoint blog? Well, I think there is a need for a good resource that focuses on the development/creation side of presentations. And because that is what I do every day I should be able to offer up a steady stream of good (if not entertaining) information. Enjoy!

Troy and Daughter @ Disneyland Christmas '05

Troy @ TLC