Caution: SCAM Email – Notification: You’ve (1) New Doͼument

Recently, our team has received several spam emails claiming to be from Box, Dropbox and now OneDrive. The subject will likely claim something along the lines of “Notification: You’ve (1) New Document).” Although it’s clearly a spam email, if you’re even slightly unsure, don’t click on the link and go directly to the source instead.


– Troy @ TLC


The Presentation Podcast Episode #52 Released Today!

 A new episode of The Presentation Podcast with Troy, Nolan, and Sandy is available today! Check out the latest episode, #52 – A Conversation with PPT Add-In Developers.

The Presentation Podcast continues its conversation about PowerPoint add-ins. This episode, the conversation is from the perspective of the add-in developers themselves, featuring three amazing guests who provide insights, knowledge and company information: Steve Rindsberg of PPTools, Gil Segal of ToolsToo, and Jamie Garroch of YouPresent. The guests’ insights and information are definitely worth a listen, and probably a re-listen, to take notes on everything!

Software/Add-Ins Tutorial

Better, Bigger, 2-Up PDFs

Note: this is a re-post, originally posted April 4, 2016. When planning the posts for this month it made sense to include this tutorial again.

Printing slides is a common need. But the Microsoft presets are not optimal. For example, let’s look at “2-up” printouts directly from PowerPoint and then we’ll look at my preferred option which is using Adobe Acrobat to create the 2-up PDF printout.

Using Microsoft’s PowerPoint preset:

1. Go to File > Export > Create PDF/XPS Document

2-up PDF printout Export_Image1

2. In the PUBLISH OPTIONS section, change the drop down menu to HANDOUTS. Slides per page = 2. Keep HORIZONTAL setting. A print preview of the pages will be on the right.

2-up PDF printout PPT_Image2

Select OK and your PDF will be created.

2-up PDF printout PPT_Image3


But, these can be larger images of each slide if we do not use the PowerPoint preset.


To create 2-up printout using Adobe Acrobat (Note: This is a multi-step process, but the result is great):

1. Go to File > Export > Create PDF/XPS Document. This time don’t worry about the options, just create PDF with 1 slide per page (the default print setup).


2. Now we are going to print the PDF again. From the PDF of the slides, Go to File >Print

2-up PDF printout PDF_Image5

3. Select ADOBE PDF as your printer.

4. In the Page Sizing and Handling select MULTIPLE.

5. In Pages Per Sheet select Custom.

6. Set to 1 by 2, the small print preview should look like the below example.



As you can see, side-by-side, the Adobe Acrobat 2-up PDF printout on the left has larger slide images than the PowerPoint 2-up printout, the Adobe Acrobat 2-up takes up the page significantly more than PowerPoint does.


Just a simple option to provide better printouts. 

-Troy @ TLC


Snagit Cursor Capture

The interface in the 2018 version of Snagit has been updated. A notable change is we found the cursor capture to be on by default. Even if the setting was turned off before Snagit was updated, it was turned on after updating. After a little investigation, we found that the setting is even easier to find and control now… if you know where to look.

It only takes two steps to keep the cursor from being captured in your images.

Right click the Snagit icon in the lower right Windows Task Bar and Open Capture Window.

Cursor Capture 1

Simply turn off the Capture Cursor setting and close (X) the dialog box.

Cursor Capture 2

It’s as easy as that!


Win 10 Start Menu – Left Column

I received an email with a question from the previous blog post, about how I added the additional options to the far left column of the Windows 10 Start Column (thanks Alessandra!). 

This is definitely a hidden area in the Win 10 Settings. what can be added, or removed, from this column is very limited. To edit:

  • Click the Windows 10 START button (lower left)
  • Click the SETTINGS (gear icon)
  • Click START on the left
  • There are toggles for each available button on the far left Start Menu. Here are mine:


And that is the answer to the question – definitely a more IT type of question (and TLC Creative has every Win 10 setting for our computers documented like the above to assure everything is running the same setup).

Troy @ TLC


What’s On Your (Windows 10) Start Menu?

Customizing the Operating System is something that we do to every computer at TLC Creative Services. It assures any computer our team uses is consistent with the same software, and the same way of finding things. Back in late 2015 and again in early 2016 I had posts showing our Windows 10 Start menu setup. Here is our final evolution of the Start Menu we have rolled out on all TLC Creative (Windows) computers:

  1. The default options hide too many of the commonly needed button on the left column. In the Windows 10 Settings dialog we assure every TLC Creative computer has: documents, downloads, music, pictures, video, network, file explorer, settings, and power.
  2. The top group added to our computers is Office 2016 (Office 365 Subscription), and the order of icons is the same on all computers: Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, Word, Excel, Skype for Business.
  3. Our next most used set of applications is the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. There is a bit a variation of apps included depending on the designers expertise. For me it is: Photoshop, Illustrator, Audition, Media Encoder, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat.
  4. No one web browser works for everything in today’s web-based world, so we have a collection of browsers installed: Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer.
  5. Media is a big part of our world, so having lots of media players organized and available makes our work a bit faster: Groove, iTunes, Microsoft Movies & TV, Microsoft Photo, Quicktime, Spotify (half our team has this, the other half Pandora).
  6. The Utilities group helps uncover a number of Microsoft dialogs and apps that have become buried in the newer OS: File Explorer, Windows Defender, My Computer, Calculator, NXPowerlite, Control Panel, Run, Task Manager, Settings, Command Prompt.
  7. And the Misc. Apps group is for everything else, it also is one group that varies on each team member’s computer. My Misc Apps group has: SyncBack Pro, Hightail, Camtasia, QuickBooks, SnagIt, eWallet, Filezilla, Microsoft Store.

Troy @ TLC


April is All About Other Software

Welcome to April! I have structured this month to focus on “other apps and software” because PowerPoint is not a silo, it is one tool in our toolbox.

Troy @ TLC