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A 3-Scene PowerPoint Halloween Movie

Wanda on the TLC Creative design team created this amazing PowerPoint Halloween Movie. Just like a movie plot, it has 3 scenes. Each is a slide, and each seamlessly transitions from one to another (watch the video, there is no clear distinction of when the action transitions from one slide to another!).

PowerPoint Halloween Movie

If you are at the office, caution – fun Halloween themed soundtrack accompanies the animation fun!

[youtube src=””]

Each slide has a very long animation pane. This is the top part of the slide 1 animation:

PowerPoint Halloween Movie

Troy @ TLC


Free Halloween Theme PowerPoint Template

Christie on the TLC Creative design team put together this fun Halloween themed PowerPoint template. Everyone is welcome to download and use – FREE!

Have a great time this Halloween! Download template HERE.

Troy @ TLC


WeCompress – NXPowerlite’s Online Version

The guys at Neuxpower recently invited us to beta test a new online compression tool called WeCompress. We found using this online tool is simple, easy and provides impressive results on par with the desktop version of NXPowerlite (review of NXPowerlite here). And the good news is, wecompress is now publicly available for use!

Overall we found WeCompress an impressive online tool – and it is FREE to use! While our tests below show it is not as robust as the NXPowerlite desktop app, it provides a great option for everyone trapped in a corporate world of “we do not allow add-ins or utility apps to be installed.” 

Our first test was optimizing this high-res .jpg image. WeCompress reduced the file size by 4MB and maintained image quality (for use on a 1920×1080 monitor).

To use, go to WeCompress and just drag and drop your file to get started.

The upload and download time is dependent on your internet connection, but the actual compression/processing time was on par with the desktop NXPowerlite processing (eg. fast).

WeCompress has a clean online app design and it’s easy to use. But it does lack a few things in comparison to the desktop NXPowerlite app. The biggest difference is the ability to customize settings. For example, TLC Creative’s standard compression is custom settings optimized for 1920×1080 HD display. Other areas custom compression settings are important to us are when working on 4-6-8K output files (although the desktop version is currently limited to a 3480x2160px resolution base).

For comparison, here is our 10 slide sample deck which we optimized with WeCompress, NXPowerlite’s default compression setting, and our “TLC” custom NXPowerlite compression settings.

The original file, with purposefully oversize images, is 14.9 MB.

Running the file through WeCompress adjusted the file to a helpful 642 KB (and maintained good image quality, but a bit lower than we really want).

NXPowerlite (Windows v7.1.5) using its default PRINT compression gave us a 4.68 MB file (and image quality we approved of).

Optimizing with our “TLC” custom compression setting (1920×1080, JPG quality 9) gave us a 3.39 MB file (and image quality we approved of).

We then tested with another test file. We optimized a 10 slide PowerPoint file with close up, detailed high res images. Using NXPowerlite with our TLC HD compression settings, the file went from 16.8MB to 3.76MB, with image detail quality that met our standards.  

Uploading the same file to WeCompress reduced the file a lot – down to 674 KB! But image quality was below our standards (Note: compressing same file with NXPowerlite’s SCREEN default was comparable, creating a 1.15 MB file – a default setting we never use).

Aside from WeCompress’ limitations, the two tools have similar compression speeds and results. But WeCompress is FREE and does not require any install permissions. Neuxpower’s NXPowerlite has been the TLC Creative Services go-to compression solution for several years and we definitely recommend booking their new WeCompress online option to add to your toolbox.

Troy @ TLC

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PowerPoint (Setup) Mistakes We All Make

In the most recent episode of The Presentation Podcast, episode 40 “Mistakes We Have Made,” we talk about presentation design and business mistakes we have made along the way. On LinkedIn, I have a new article that gets more PowerPoint specific, “PowerPoint Mistakes We All Make.” Part 1 of a 3 part series details 15 behind-the-scenes PowerPoint application setup customizations for a faster and more efficient work environment. 

Troy @ TLC

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Video Across Slides (Sort Of)

Unbeknownst to the world, Microsoft somehow enabled video to play across slides again! This is something I have been requesting since the release of PowerPoint 2010, when video-across-slides stopped working. But don’t get too excited, there are limitations in using it today.

First the technical note: I am using Office 365, PowerPoint 2016 on Windows 10. This is untested on legacy versions or the Mac version.

Here is my sample slide deck; 5 slides with a video on slide 1 and indicator text on balance of slides.

Video Across Slides

When things are setup correct, yes we can play video across slides (yay!) as this video of the sample slides in slideshow demonstrate:

Side note: the above video was a Camtasia screen recording, because I discovered that using the Export As Video option does not show the video across slides (which makes sense with the below explanation of why I believe this is working)


  • Back in PowerPoint 2003, a video could be set to continue playing across slides and it would!
  • The reason was more of a limitation of PowerPoint that users were able to exploit and make a good thing. Back in PowerPoint 2003  video was not embedded and ran as a separate video player layer on top of PowerPoint. The good news was PowerPoint could keep the external video player going across multiple slides. The bad news was among other things, no PowerPoint content could be on top of the video while it was playing, because it was on top of the slides when playing.
  • Fast forward to PowerPoint 2010 and videos became embedded and content could be on top of videos! The downside was the embedded video removed the hand off to an external video player on top of the slides (but the improvements in reliable playback and styling effects were far superior options to have available!)
  • Today, video across slides works again. Here is my theory:
    • When the play across multiple slides option is selected for a video, the video uses a legacy video player and reverts back to the PowerPoint 2003 model of being a layer on top of PowerPoint. So yes, you can play a video across slides, but the video has a lot of styling limitations.

How to Set a Video to Play Across Slides:

  • Add video to slide (can be an embedded video, no legacy settings needed)
  • My example video was set to play the video automatically 
    Video Across Slides
  • Open the Animation Pane
  • Right-click the video animation 
  • Go to the EFFECT tab
  • Look in the STOP PLAYING section
  • Change the AFTER dialog to any number of slides needed (maximum 999 slides)
  • Click OKAY
    Video Across Slides

Limitations of Applying Styling Options to Videos That Use The Play Across Slides Option:

My Advice:

  • Don’t count on this working in the future. It was broken for years and suddenly started working (thanks to Taylor Croonquist for mentioning it!). It could easily stop working with another update (and the ultimate update would be to enable video to play-across-slides AND maintain the embedded video player for z-order control and styling effects!!).
  • But don’t hesitate to use it if needed. I was recently used a 60 second countdown video to play across a series of slides and all worked perfect (but the request was a circle shaped clock, which I could not do because of the above noted styling limitations). I tested on my show computers and was confident all would work for the meeting. If the same client asks for the same effect next year, I cannot promise it will work until we are close to the meeting date and I can test and confirm it is still a supported feature (eg. I am not sending out Sales Team decks using this feature, because it would be bad for things to stop working in the future).

Troy @ TLC


The Presentation Podcast Episode #40 Released Today!

A new episode of The Presentation Podcast with Troy, Sandy, and Nolan is available today! Check out the latest episode, #40 – “Mistakes We Have Made!”

Show Excerpt: Life, and being a professional, is a matter of learning from experiences – and sometimes those experiences are mistakes. Join in on a design studio conversation full of business mistakes seen, been a part of, or possibly created.

– Troy @ TLC


2017 Annoying PowerPoint Presentation Survey Results

Almost 500 people participated in this year’s “Annoying PowerPoint Presentation Survey.” Dave Paradi of Think-Outside-The-Slide has been sending out this survey for several years. The primary theme and message from the 2017 survey: “Audiences feel that too many presenters don’t care enough about their audience to spend the time necessary to create and deliver a good presentation.” Take a look at a quick summary of the results below. 

Annoying PowerPoint Presentation Survey 2017

Thank you for the amazing effort and sharing the results every year, Dave! The full survey results are available here.

Troy @ TLC




Presentation Guild Salary Survey – Take Part!

The Presentation Guild’s 2nd Annual Presentation Industry Salary Survey is open – add your info!

This is a great tool for the Presentation Industry, and it will only get better and more important with each year. Plus, everyone that completes the survey receives a copy free (free to all Presentation Guild members – and I highly recommend everyone with a presentation related job be a member).

Info about the 2017 survey on The Presentation Guild site here.

Go directly to the survey here. Hurry, survey closes Monday, October 23!”

-Troy @ TLC 

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Presentation Summit Recap

Lori and I (Troy) attended the 2017 Presentation Summit, hosted in Florida last week. Yes, we attended, no presenting this year, which was a fantastic treat as I was able to spend all of my time talking with so many great people (vs. planning, rehearsing, and being committed to presenting). 

Next year will be close to the TLC Creative Services studio in San Diego, CA September 23-26, 2017. I highly recommend the conference for the great session topics, but almost more important is the networking with presentation industry talent, host of presentation industry vendors, AND direct access to the team of PMs and Devs from the Microsoft PowerPoint team that attend each year.

And at the summit this year we recorded a great group conversation for The Presentation Podcast that released earlier this week. Episode 39 – The Presenters Gather at The 2017 Presentation Summit Conference!

-Troy @ TLC 


The Presentation Podcast Episode #39 Released Today!

A new episode of The Presentation Podcast with a dozen great presentation industry experts gathered for a presentation conversation. Available today! Check out the latest episode #39 The Presenters Gather at The 2017 Presentation Summit Conference!


Add us to your favorite Podcasts on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, SoundCloud and more at The Presentation Podcast.