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Microsoft Office 365 Video – What We Know So Far

Microsoft recently unveiled a new video sharing system that will be hosted on Office 365 accounts called “Office 365 Video.” Think of it as a business’s private YouTube for their videos. And there are some references to PowerPoint and Office App integration (which is the part that really got my attention!).


Office 365 Video



Office 365 Video is cloud based (ie. videos are not stored on your computer) and the streaming technology optimizes playback for each end users connection speed and viewing device. Microsoft is bringing its cloud based power with Azure’s Media Services, which was used by NBC for its Winter Olympics online video. By being a part of the Office 365 ecosystem, video content will encrypted and secure by following the established Office 365 Trust Center guidelines, something YouTube and Vimeo can’t provide such strict assurances of. The video format support covers all of the industry standard codecs; H.264, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 v2, VC-1, Windows Media Video, DV and Grass Valley HQ. And more video formats than Office apps support; .3pg, .3g2, .3gp2, .asf, .mts, .m2ts, .avi, .mod, .ts, .vob, .xesc, .mp4, .mpg, .mpeg, .m2v, .ismv and .wmv. It is easy to use with drag-and-drop video uploads.

One big limitation is that Office 365 Video currently uses Adobe Flash Player. The Adobe Flash Player needs to be installed to view a video, so no Apple IOS devices are going to be able to use it at this time.

Who and When:

This new corporate video portal started its roll out in November 2014 and extends into early 2015. Currently it is only available a select Office 365 user (First Release customers) and expanding to Enterprise and Academic plans. Business plan users (which TLC Creative operates on) do not have an option yet… This is an add-on service to plans at $8 user/month with an annual commitment.


This is just my personal opinion, based on a very limited look at Office 365 Video, and I am excited about it. The option to seamlessly integrate web-based video content into PowerPoint presentations is an exciting concept. Corporate clients are going to embrace Office 365 Video because it gives them an secure platform to roll out video content within their enterprise. Having a corporate library of video content for presentations, that is searchable and easy to add to slides is going to be a great presentation tool.

The Microsoft info page (ignore the ‘compare plans and pricing’ link, it does not include Office 365 video options as of now) is here.

– Troy @ TLC


Merry Christmas!

The TLC Creative office is empty for a few days, and our team hopes everyone has some time away to recharge and bring fresh creativity to your projects!

And our Christmas dinner with White Elephant gift exchange in 40 seconds!

– Troy @ TLC

Portfolio PowerPoint

Christmas (PowerPoint) Greetings From Everyone at TLC!

Give 9 presentations at TLC the task of creating personalized holiday themed animations and you end up with 4 minutes of animated holiday cheer!

– Troy @ TLC


Replace Font Dialog Update

Back on October 10, I did a post about a key feature missing in PowerPoint 2013 “Replace Font Dialog, PowerPoint 2010 vs. 2013.” Unfortunately, no solution has been added to PowerPoint 2013, the font type icons are still missing.

PowerPoint 2010 has font type icons (with no icon indicating the font is not installed on the computer):[br]

PowerPoint 2013 does not have the font type icons:

One area I did not include in the original post – and the reason for this post – is that the font type icons have not been completely removed from PowerPoint 2013. The font type icons can be seen in the Font drop down menu on the Home tab.[br]


That’s all. Just a clarification to the earlier post. Hopefully in the near future I can do another post on this same topic showing that the font type icons have been restored to the Replace Fonts dialog.

– Troy @ TLC

Personal Resource/Misc

PowerPoint Shows in Barcelona and Lisbon

In November, Lori and I were happy to support one of our great clients at their Barcelona, Spain and Lisbon, Portugal international sales meetings. TLC developed the event PowerPoint templates, coordinated all presenter support needs, worked with the local in-country AV and assisted the meeting planning group – plus, we enjoyed a few days of amazing site seeing after each event.


Troy and crew in Barcelona, Lori in Lisbon, Video wall, solid stage set, being tourists in Sintra.


– Troy @ TLC

Portfolio PowerPoint Resource/Misc

Olaf PowerPoint Slide

Special recognition to TLC designer Jennifer for this wonderful 3D illustration all developed in PowerPoint 2013!


The video shows the development of Olaf in flip-book style animation. The first part of the video is a fast animation, followed by a slower version that shows each design step. Enjoy!

In addition to the obvious PowerPoint 3D and shadow options, most of the development relied on PowerPoint’s Merge Shapes tools.


– Troy @ TLC

Resource/Misc Templates/Assets

Free Christmas 2014 PowerPoint Template

TLC Creative Services has another FREE PowerPoint template for you! Staff designer, Wanda, developed this festive and colorful PowerPoint template. The template is widescreen (16×9), has all of the PowerPoint options preset and is free to download with the link below!



Download link: Christmas_2014_by_TLC


– Troy @ TLC

Personal Resource/Misc

Image + PowerPoint Graphic for Complete Slide Message

This is a slide from a recent project that I think is a good demonstration of seamlessly integrating PowerPoint content and graphics with photos. We developed from a script, so no design was done before our design team created the presentation – but I can easily see something like this being the “standard” PowerPoint slide:


Here is the TLC Creative Services slide for the presentation:

Complete Slide Message 2

Here is the development process for the complete slide message:

1. Review script, understand message, outline needed slide content to support message.

2. Research images, or develop image. For this slide we used this stock image:


3. Develop a cloud graphic in PowerPoint to animate and carry the message.

4. Use a combination of PowerPoint shapes and custom shapes that will become our PowerPoint cloud:


5. Turn all of the shapes into a single cloud using the MERGE SHAPES tool:


5. Adjust the color and fill/outline options:


6. Add the text (direct in the cloud shape):


7. Final step is to add an animated entrance effect:


Download the final slide here: CloudData

– Troy @ TLC

Portfolio Templates/Assets

Pixar Cars Template

Pixar properties are fun projects! For this new marketing template for the Cars franchise, we were asked to develop a PowerPoint template that made use of a Chrome chevron/triangle, lots of McQueen’s metallic red paint, a McQueen character and the Disney Pixar Cars logo. Along with custom bullets (in the shape of bolts and rivets), this is the final template styling.


Note: This post is only to highlight the design work of TLC, we cannot provide this template to anyone (sorry).


– Troy  @ TLC