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Thanksgiving PowerPoint Stop-Motion

Staff designer Christie, developed this wonderful Thanksgiving Turkey entirely in PowerPoint 2013 and captured the design stages in this video.


– Troy @ TLC


Thanksgiving 2014 Free PowerPoint Template

Staff designer, Michelle, created this fun Thanksgiving themed template for TLC to post this year. The template is 16×9 and has the full array of PowerPoint options and layouts preset, and this great animated Theme layout.


Download template: TLC_Thanksgiving_2014_template


– Troy @ TLC

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Fall Time Employee Recognition Slides

For a recent employee update presentation that TLC designed for one of our clients, we created a seasonal Fall Time themed set of slides for their employee recognition. Using PowerPoint 2013 and the ability to layer content on top of video, embed video, and custom motion path animations to develop these wonderful slides.

– Troy @ TLC

Portfolio PowerPoint Resource/Misc

Providing More Than Just Slide Beautification

Here is a graphic supplied by the client for a recent presentation design project . Quick – what is wrong?



In developing ideas for a new way to show this information we noted the pie chart numbers add up to greater than 100% (108.4%). We let our client know of this and received a great soundbyte “Wow, you guys actually look at the content you are working with!”

Yes, TLC is very picky about the aesthetics (color scheme, alignment, consistency) AND the message.


– Troy @ TLC


Building Project (Bucharest)

This is not about PowerPoint, or a project I have worked on, but it is about presentation. This is a massive video project that is truly amazing (not so much for it story telling, but just technology and scope).

[original video no longer available from source]

– Troy @ TLC

Resource/Misc Tutorial

Create Puzzle Pieces in PowerPoint

PowerPoint 2010 introduced the Merge Shapes toolset (trust me, it was hidden, but there). In PowerPoint 2013, the Merge Shapes toolset is much more accessible and refined. Here is an example we developed creating a much requested graphic element – puzzle pieces (download link below).


Here are the 4 puzzle pieces.

puzzle pieces-1

All are PowerPoint shapes


Here is a 4 step process to create your own:

1. Add 4 squares AND 4 small circles, so there are 8 shapes on the slide. COPY the 4 circles.

puzzle pieces-4

Select all shapes and subtract the circles from the squares to get these 4 shapes.

puzzle pieces-5

Paste in the 4 circles, so there are 8 shapes on the slide again.

puzzle pieces-6

Select all 8 shapes and use the Merge Shapes tool to unite the circles to adjacent squares to create the 4 puzzle pieces.

puzzle pieces-7

Each puzzle piece is a separate PowerPoint shape.

puzzle pieces-2

Each puzzle piece is a separate PowerPoint shape that can be resized, animated and recolored directly in PowerPoint.

puzzle pieces-9


Download a slide with the 4 puzzle pieces: PowerPoint_Puzzle_Pieces


– Troy @ TLC


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(Try 2) Animation Sample – It’s a Small World

This is the 2nd posting of this sample as the post last week did not include the video of the PowerPoint slides… oops.

These are slides from a recent presentation and the video below is the animated version of the 4 slides:


With some creative layout and PowerPoint animation, the presenter used this animated sequence to convey the message of their expanded Social Media presence and how it has a global reach (all animated on clicks):

– Troy @ TLC