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New York Show #1

Amber, a TLC staff designer, has been in New York this week having lots of fun (Rocky on Broadway!) and handling the presentation graphics for a show – and by the size of her script binder, there are a lot of presentations!

– Troy @ TLC

PowerPoint Resource/Misc

Webinar by Troy – PowerPoint 2013, What’s New, Better, and Different

AudioSolutionz has asked me to present a live webinar on PowerPoint 2013. It will be this Wednesday, February 19 at 10am PT/1pm ET.

I have a large list of features that are new for the application, the designer, and the presenter.

Knowing where the PowerPoint 2013 new features are, how to turn them on, and how to use them can be a frustrating experience of trial and error. This is a one-stop overview the new features demonstrated and explained. Session Highlights:
• Learn what is new with video: playback, export and usable formats
• Discover 6 menus that are no longer pop-up dialogs – and have added formatting features
• Instantly apply any color on the screen to a shape or text in 2 clicks!
• Explore all the new slide transitions
• What are Smart Guides, and what is “Equidistant?” – they are both in PowerPoint 2013
• Widescreen is now the default, but it is not the same as the old widescreen
• Presenter View is now useable
• Learn how to zoom in on a slide – during a presentation
• and more, plus Q&A

Details and registration is here.
Use the promo code “Troy 20” for a $20 discount.

– Troy @ TLC


Show Time in the South of France!

Lori and I have enjoyed a great week in France (sorry for the lack of blog posts) with a fantastic client! Duties included all presentation design, rehearsals, video editing, Audio IR setup and assisting with overall planning, signage and showflows.

– Troy @ TLC


Live Webinar – PowerPoint 2013, What’s New, Better, and Different

Next month, I am the presenter for an AudioSolutionz webinar “PowerPoint 2013, What’s New, Better, and Different.” With the number of companies transitioning to Office 2013, I have been asked to demonstrate my favorite features and overview what’s new and improved. Here is the webpage with all the details (Note: I will post a discount code next week).

– Troy @ TLC