Do I have MSI or CTR Installed?

The previous post defined the two Microsoft install methods. But determining if your install of PowerPoint 2013 is from an MSI (full standalone installer) or CTR (streaming download installer) is not easy to determine. Microsoft has not given its end users any useful information in determining this. Here is one method that will tell you.

Open PowerPoint 2013.
In the far right pane under PRODUCT INFORMATION.

If the computer has a CTR install, there will be an UPDATES option.

If the computer has an MSI install, the UPDATES option is not available.

At this point, that is the only easy to access information piece within the application that I have found (thanks Glenna!) that indicates which version is being run. And lets not get into which Service Packs and Updates are installed! Office 2013 has taken away all of the familiar information to help troubleshoot issues…

For more info on CTR and MSI, the PPTFAQ has this page with a great overview and links to more details.

– Troy @ TLC


What is MSI and CTR?

MSI and CTR are both install methods for Microsoft Office.

MSI is “Microsoft Installer.” It is an installer file that has the full product in it. So it is a large file and most commonly used when installing from a DVD, but with high bandwidth internet, it has become more common to download the large installer file and then install the software.

CTR is “Click to Run.” It is a streaming installer that downloads the installation files during the install process. One of the key traits is the core application is installed, and can be used, while the additional features continue to install in the background. In general, a high bandwidth internet connection is needed (or lots of time to wait for the installer to stream the data needed to install). The technology was introduced with Office 2010, but with poor results. Today, CTR is most commonly used when installing Office 2013 as part of an Office 365 subscription or Office 365 Home Premium subscription.

– Troy @ TLC


Prezi – 10 tips for Hassle Free Collaborative Projects

This is a Prezi we developed to walk clients through our approach to Prezi presentations, specifically, our goal of taking into account the big picture, or full canvas, and designing a path for the content that is visually connected. View on the Prezi site here.

– Troy @ TLC

Portfolio PowerPoint

Promo Reel of Prezi Presentations

Many projects start with “Do you create Prezi presentations?”

Yes, TLC Creative Services develops Prezi presentations! We apply years of professional presentation design to the unique capabilities of Prezi so presenters have something dynamic and different than other presenters. Here is a promo reel that shows a sampling of Prezi presentations we have developed.
[youtube src=”″]

– Troy @ TLC


Slide Design InfoGraphic

In developing our newly designed website, which is finally live, we created some graphics to accent the text. This is one example that TLC staff designer Jennifer developed specific for the website.

Note: This is full of fun, non-sourced, completely made up statistics (okay, they are based on my opinion of the slide design world…). But it is real Infographic design.

– Troy @ TLC


PowerPoint 2013 Selection Pane – Drag and Drop!

PowerPoint 2007 introduced the much needed Selection Pane feature. PowerPoint 2013 has added another much needed feature to the Selection Pane – drag and drop to reorder!

The repeated clicking the up/down arrows to move objects to the front or back (z order) is happily now updated with the ability to select, drag, reposition (yay!).

– Troy @ TLC


Staffing a Live Event

For the past 2 weeks, the TLC Creative office has been virtually empty (thanks Josh and Kristen for staying on top of everything!) as 5 of us were onsite designing presentations, handling rehearsals and running show presentations with the AV crew(s).

– Troy @ TLC

Portfolio Software/Add-Ins

Mac Keynote Sample – Toyota

Does TLC Creative Services use Keynote? That is a question I hear from many new clients. Of course we do! Presentation design, with any of the available presentation software options, has the same design principles to engage the audience. Some of the technology and visual effects change, but the layout, messaging and use of animation “rules” remain the same.

We have recently added a video of a Keynote presentation project to our portfolio section. TLC Creative Services developed the template, did lots of custom Photoshop work to bring the provided script to life using the unique capabilities of the Apple’s Keynote app. See it here.

– Troy @ TLC

Portfolio Resource/Misc

New TLC Website is Live!

It is busy here at TLC Creative, but thanks to a lot of super HTML coding and Word Press design over the past few months (great job making sense of all my notes and requests Amber!) the new TLC Creative Services website is finally ready for use! Okay, 90% of the site is ready, so just ignore any lorem ipsum text or “coming soon” sections…

The previous TLC Creative Services website was developed almost 9 years ago (a lifetime on the web!) and this is a wonderful step forward in design, coding and information. Check back as this is phase 1, with another big phase being finished in a few months with lots of PowerPoint tutorials and information being added, then integrating directly into the site by the end of the year, and ongoing updates to the portfolio samples.

– Troy @ TLC


Microsoft MVPs – How Many Are Out There???

All of the current Microsoft MVPs, for every application and from every part of the world are listed here:

Microsoft’s description of the MVPs is something I like:
“Being an MVP – MVPs represent the best and brightest in technical communities, generously sharing their deep knowledge and hands-on expertise with people around the world.”

But how many MVPs are there, and for how many specialties? Here is the current break down (and I am one of the 10 MVPs (35 worldwide) for PowerPoint):

– Access (36)
– Consumer Security (28)
– Excel (25)
– Info Path (4)
– Internet Explorer (8)
– Office for Mac (5)
– Office Systems (4)
– OneNote (2)
– Outlook (7)
– PowerPoint (10)
– Project (13)
– Publisher (1)
– Visio (3)
– Windows Phone Consumer (6)
– Windows Phone Development (7)
– Word (4)
– Xbox (21)

– Access (58)
– Consumer Security (76)
– Excel (118)
– Info Path (9)
– Internet Explorer (45)
– Office for Mac (9)
– Office Systems (35)
– OneNote (3)
– Outlook (16)
– PowerPoint (35)
– Project (56)
– Publisher (1)
– Visio (15)
– Windows Phone Consumer (16)
– Windows Phone Development (37)
– Word (22)
– Xbox (44)

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