Resource/Misc Tutorial

Use Windows 7 Presentation Setting Before Every Presentation

If you present with PowerPoint and use Windows 7, you need to be familiar with the PRESENTATION SETTINGS option. To access, open the MOBILITY CENTER (see 03/22/11 post) by clicking the Windows + X keys. Then click projector icon.


1. The TURN OFF THE SCREEN SAVER option is active.
2. The SET VOLUME option is active (I set volume to 90%). This option overrides the mute control.
3. I size the event theme graphic to the monitor resolution and set that image as the desktop background when presenting. For that “just in case” situation, so if all fails the audience sees something related to the event (I have seen kids, puppies, girlfriends, vacation pictures, etc. show up on screen – all not good options).

Note: At the top the I AM CURRENTLY GIVING A PRESENTATION option is also turned on and off through the Mobility Center.
– Troy @ TLC

Resource/Misc Tutorial

Use Windows 7 Mobility Center Before Every Presentation

Windows 7 is great – running on virtually every computer here. There are a number of hidden features that are very important to presenters. The WINDOWS MOBILITY CENTER is one of them.

To open the Mobility Center, hold down the Windows key and the X key

I use this as a quick check for:
1. Confirm computer volume
2. Confirm plugged into to power (not on battery)
3. Confirm Maximum Performance power setting (vs. battery saving low power option)
4. Wireless network turned off
5. Computer sees an external display/projector
6. Presentation Settings are active (covered in next post)

Everything seen here can be accessed separately, but this is an easy 1-stop view of them all.

– Troy @ TLC


Open PhotoShop File as Flat Composite

Unfortunately, in general, Microsoft does not work well with layered Photoshop (.psd) files. This includes Windows Explorer previewing them or PowerPoint being able to insert them. I do a lot of work in Photoshop, so I have a lot of Photoshop files for each presentation project. Sometimes, it is a time trap waiting for Photoshop to open the files just to identify if it is a needed file for the presentation. This is especially true when I receive 1-2-30GB files from a graphic department. It takes even a fast computer some time to process a 30GB file with upwards of 50 layers.

Here is a quick way to open, view and identify what those large files are.

1. In Photoshop, go to FILE>>OPEN and select the .psd file

2. If the OPEN button is clicked, the full file opens, including all of the layers

3. But if the SHIFT and ALT keys are held down, then the OPEN button the file opens as a flattened composite image

The advantage is the file, any size, opens instantly. The disadvantage is if layers are turned off they are not visible. I generally create a small .jpg with the same file name for easy reference in Windows explorer.

– Troy @ TLC


Microsoft MVP Summit

I arrived in (rainy) Seattle over the weekend and have been having a great week at the Microsoft 2011 MVP Summit and spending lots of time with the MS PowerPoint development team.

– Troy @ TLC